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About me

Born in London, I’m Greek Cypriot, Hungarian, Swiss and Austrian. I’m a kind, open, itchy-feet, worldly character always striving to improve and experience.

School, hated and failed it. College, loved and smashed it. Ended up a well-versed digital all-rounder.

I crave and deliver knowledge, a natural born learner and teacher. I am a self motivated, hard working, logical thinker who is passionate about creative direction in brands, unique web design and progressive, thought-provoking marketing. Having run multiple businesses for the last 10+ years and countless journeying around the world and it’s unique sub-cultures; I like a challenge, I’m no stranger to long hours and relish the opportunity to solve problems.

I can help your business grow. It took couple of years to figure it out myself. I want to help people, I want to inspire and I love to talk. Realising that, I’ve decided to lead by example and enjoy my life to the fullest. I invite you to follow my journey and encourage you to start thinking about yours.

Now CEO at Sheru.org and Partner & Co-founder at Kinetic Investments, it’s an exciting ride.

Need some inspiration? Say hello, I can talk for hours.

People know me, they have this to say

He embodies passion in every single piece of work he undertakes, with a meticulous eye for detail and a dogged assertiveness which won’t switch off until he’s achieved what he wants. I could praise his web management, marketing and business skills endlessly – but I believe his characteristics mean he’ll succeed in whatever he does. As an all-rounder who specializes in so much so well, he’s irreplaceable. David Merry


Michael possesses a well-rounded skillset. Not only is he a talented marketer, but he has a strong grasp of website design, architecture and user experience, which means he can add value to a website in any niche. I also found Michael to be chatty, personable and very helpful in explaining all things digital. Samuel Miranda

Partner, Investoo

Mike is probably the most talkative guy I’ve ever known – if he has an ‘off’ button, I haven’t found it! Commonly referred to as ‘Chara’, he has an uncanny ability to talk passionately about practically any subject. His energy and positivity is infectious. Expect to see him shredding up the dance floor, particularly when Michael Jackson drops. A lover of travel, adventure and meeting new people. Luke Eales

Founder & CEO, Seven Star Digital

Michael is a fantastic SEO specialist. Results showed an immediate improvement when he started working on the Visit London account. The SEO strategy became a lot more coherent and joined up under his influence. His technical knowledge of SEO is just as good as his ability to deliver tactical campaigns and he communicates this well. More importantly his enthusiasm and ambition to succeed is second to none. Christopher Moon

Head of Insights, Telegraph Hill

You don’t know me? No problem, get in contact.

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