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Figured it’d be worth giving a small update. Lately I’ve had no single subject I felt the need to cover in detail, which usually leads to the procrastination I spoke about in previous posts. I hate the idea I haven’t updated my beautiful website though; so here’s some generic updates on my life.

Melanie Radliff

As per the last post, Melanie came to visit; it was quite awesome to be honest. It’s one of those situations where you do your best to show someone else a good time but never really know exactly whether they’re enjoying it – you know?

I got to re-explore London which was awesome and I certainly loved that she was able to experience something new. It’s the best when you can walk about a new city learning about someone else. Here’s us having a beer at a random pub.

Michael and Melanie

Me and Melanie

Business Stuff

Business is tough, exhausting and thrilling. Hours have been in excess of 12 hours a day, and all members of the team put under strain.

This year has been a roller coaster ride for those involved in the affiliate industry. However, we have been able to stay on top and ride the storm. For a while things were very difficult… drastic changes were needed – both myself and David had to make some very awkward decisions. But the team has been fantastic and I have great belief in everyone.

The excellent news is, in a very difficult year, the company has still expanded and exceeded last year’s revenue. Ace.

Side Projects

Generally, I tend not to do too many little site projects anymore. I still have a few sites sitting around which earn the odd pound here or there, but they’re all on hold as the core of my time is dedicated to the full time business. When time is a little less scarce, expect some updates on some cool things I’m working on!

Emotional Stability

Awkward that I feel the need to include this. Put simply, like many other years, I feel like once again some of the best and worst things have happened to me. I’m beginning to realise a pattern in that every year appears to get better beyond belief; whilst equally delivering me unequivocal hurt. I long for the perfect year, and expect it to come soon enough.

Regardless, all is well with Michael.

As I Write, This Second

Manflu. I’m currently a little under the weather so I’ve been working from home on my laptop. Not ideal when you get used to some dual screen action! It makes me feel less productive, but it’s probably for the best.

Piano Lessons. I’ve finally made the move to begin learning to play the piano. After learning some random bits and pieces from a couple of close friends, and finding that it’s a lot cheaper than I expected – £10 a lesson – an hour ago I got my first lesson booked for Monday, thank you Amber. I’m very excited!

Marrakesh. I’ve just booked two days in Marrakesh, Morocco. This is excellent. I love the uncontrollable happiness that flows through me when I click that final booking button and get my flight confirmation. I figure this is a win in multiple ways. On the one hand it was extremely cheap, just £102.31 for the two full days and night in the city centre; and equally the markets there are meant to be amazing and cheap – so it’s Christmas present shopping time.

And for you travel lovers, I used Momondo.co.uk to find the flights and HostelBookers.com to find a cheap place to stay. I expect the whole weekend to cost less than £200 (unless I buy lots of presents), cheaper than two nights out in London – winning.

If you know me and expect a present expect something Moroccan!

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