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Stop F*cking Around, It’s Time To Knuckle Down: Motivational Music

Stop F*cking Around, It’s Time To Knuckle Down: Motivational Music

A great guy I once knew said, “No more f*cking around, it’s time to knuckle down”. I tell a lie. It was me that said it, wait…that means I’m not lying, I am great. Ok sweet. Anyway, I posted this as a Facebook update. I then tagged several of my close friends that I knew would be able to help and simply said “Motivational songs people, go!”. The response was intense; I believe it’s my longest chain of responses to date; around 60 responses! I’d simply not had the best of days and was looking for some motivational music to really kick me into the mood of working – you see, I’ve had some tasks lingering over me for a while and had kept putting it off. It’s time to get going. True, Facebook did end up distracting me a bit, but man was I ready and rapidly soaring through my work once the playlist was created. So, without further ado… my top motivational songs playlist: Walking On Sunshine – Katrina & The Waves How can this not put you in a good mood? It’s the perfect start to a feel good motivational playlist. Really helps me to remember good times; like singing it out loud at the top of my lungs while coming towards the end of a gruelling 21 hour drive across two states, with just 3 hours sleep, after a night of drunken craziness. Yet I felt so alive. Can You Feel It – The Jacksons My love for Michael Jackson and all he and his brothers brought to my life will never die. And this...

The Day I Decided To Change My Life

All I’m saying is, today is the day that I announce to myself, and to any other readers I may have that… …Today is the day I begin my journey, project133. At 11:33pm, 16th August 2012, I made this decision while reading SeanOgle.com – though it should be mentioned I’ve been following Tim Ferris for a long time. More to...

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