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This is a page dedicated to all the resources I use online. Below you will find all my business, marketing and travel resources.

*Note: Some of the links below include an affiliate tracking ID. This allows me to earn a percentage if you sign-up/buy from the service.


Momondo – Potentially one of the best flight search engines ever. I use this before using any other service as it presents you with the highs and lows of pricing throughout the months you want to travel.
Kayak: Explore – I rarely actually use this service to book anything. However, they have an amazing section called Explore which displays a world map and the most recent prices to every destination under a defined price. Try it, you’ll get some great ideas for your next trip.

Websites & Blogging

WordPress – The most comprehensive, customizable and widely compatible open source content management system (CMS) there is.
WooThemes – Personally, I prefer to take a theme and customise it myself. However, if you’re looking for the most easily customisable theme out there; this is it. WooThemes also offer WooCommerce which is an easy way to set up online stores.
Thesis – Thesis the about as advanced as it gets in terms of features. It’s the single one-serves-all platform and is used by nearly everyone I know. This will be ever so slightly harder to customise than WooThemes though; just a little.

Domains & Hosting

123-Reg – I use this for buying all my domain names.
Xilo – This is my primary UK hosting company; it serves all my UK based websites. They are quick, easy and their support is second to none.
Bluehost – I use Bluehost for any websites based outside of the UK.

Marketing & SEO

Advanced Web Ranking – Also known as AWR. This is an awesome service used for tracking my websites rankings. Reporting can be set up to be daily, weekly, monthly – it’s 100% totally flexible and offers great analytical insights over time too.
MajesticSEO – This is the single best SEO tool for checking a websites backlink profile and history.

Tracking & Analytics

Google Analytics – The number one web analytics tool available. Track your site visitors in real-time, daily, weekly and monthly. Find out how they arrived at your website and what they did next.

Planning, Organisation & Time Management

Stats Remote – An incredible tool which allows you to view all affiliate earnings with one simple login. Highly time saving! You can get this for free if you sign up to Castle Affiliates.
Trello – Trello is an amazing task management tool with readily available mobile apps which utilises the use of to-do boards.
Google Calendar – This has become part of my daily life. It syncs with my phone, merges with necessary team members and allows me to monitor what tasks have and hasn’t been completed.

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"Mike is probably the most talkative guy I've ever known - if he has an 'off' button, I haven't found it! Commonly referred to as 'Chara', he has an uncanny ability to talk passionately about practically any subject. His energy and positivity is infectious. Expect to see him shredding up the dance floor, particularly when Michael Jackson drops. A lover of travel, adventure and meeting new people." - A Close Friend

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