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Digital Marketing Services

I can optimise your website, then drive targeted, relevant traffic to it. Simple.

Widespread knowledge

I have expert status in few, deep knowledge of many, and a basic understanding of all digital marketing services.

6+ years experience:
search engine optimisation, earning links, clear well-written writing.

4+ years experience:
information architecture, content marketing, adwords management.

2+ years experience:
user experience, content discovery management, and conversion rate optimisation.

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Digital marketing services costs vary widely depending on the scale of the project, time, and on-going nature. It can be as simple as set-up and training, or month-to-month management.

Tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll tell you if I can help.

  • Search Engine Optimisation 99% 99%
  • Earning Links 95% 95%
  • Clear, Well-Written Writing 90% 90%
  • Information Architecture 85% 85%
  • Content Marketing 75% 75%
  • AdWords Management 75% 75%
  • User Experience (design / optimisation) 60% 60%
  • Content Discovery Management 50% 50%
  • Conversion Optimisation 50% 50%

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

I have been a search engine specialist for nearly seven years, having worked with Google, Toyota, Virgin, Santander, and Vodafone.

1. SEO Health Check

I first perform a search engine optimisation health check on your website. This includes analysing over 50 criteria ensuring your website is search engine ready.

Items checked include; navigational issues, HTML markup, and potential penalties.

2. Search Term Analysis

In order to fully understand how to optimise a website, we must first understand both the website and users’ needs.

A full keyword analysis informs core areas such as; highest traffic driving keywords, URL structure, and how to optimise content.

3. SEO Recommendations

Next is optimising your website for maximum search visibility providing full SEO recommendations for the whole website.

Optimised items can include; URLs, title tags, content, and navigation.

Simple, yet methodical

My 3-step approach to SEO ensures you’re provided with a transparent, digestible, and easy-to-understand process that you realise right from the start.

Additional services

Let’s utilise digital marketing tactics to drive traffic to your newly optimised website.

AdWords Management

I can research, create, optimise, and operate your AdWords campaigns. Having competed in some of the toughest sectors including retail and gambling, I am well-conditioned to both small and large budgets, with tight margins. I understand the importance of ROI.

I too have experience in other forms of paid media such as banner and video (display) marketing.

Information Architecture (for websites)

Organising, categorising and making sense of thousands of pages of content is a daunting, frustrating and complex task. Let me handle it for you.

I will take your content pile, no matter how large, lay it all out on the table, and then neatly organise it all into a unique, well-categorised URL structure. And where applicable, aid content layout design.

Content Marketing – the seo way

If you want a link builder, goodbye. I help brands create entertaining, informative, sharable content that resonates with their users.

With core business goals and user experience at the forefront of my strategies, sprinkled with magical search engine fairy dust – new and existing users will socially share, talk about, and link to your website, naturally.

Improving the User Experience

I believe that both conversion rate optimisation and user experience go hand in hand.

We need to enhance the user experience in order to improve the conversion rate, helping guide them through a beautifully flowing, transparent process. So that by the time they can choose to make the sale, they’ll already be convinced.

And, they will.

Clear, Well-Written Writing (for websites)

I prefer not to use the term copy. Copywriters are conditioned to copying and rewriting content. Not me. I ensure users get what they need.

By understanding the target audience, I will define and deliver clear-cut, consumable content that reflects your users’ needs – across your whole website.

Content Discovery Networks

One of the newest forms of media buying, barely two years of age – I’ve been using these services since their inception. Content discovery networks thrive on entertainment, news, and topical websites to drive huge amounts of traffic for extremely low cost per click – $0.03.

You know those Ads at the bottom of a blog post which says, ’10 reasons Kim Kardashian is a terrible person’, the ones that give you no option but to click on – yeah, those.

Clean, clear cut tactics

Service costs vary widely depending on the scale of the project, time, and on-going nature. It can be as simple as set-up and training, or month-to-month management.

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