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So yesterday (21st November 2012) my business partner and I took a little trip to Conway Hall, Holborn in London to attend the Content Marketing Show – which was pretty awesome.

Content Marketing Show Venue

Content Marketing Show (image courtesy of Zazzle)

Zazzle Media were kind enough to invite us so we could eat two meals on one plate; does that work? Sure is more enjoyable than killing two birds – something we definitely didn’t do… anyway. We had a great meeting with the Zazzle team brainstorming and coming up with some quality ideas on how to take our business further and really expand on our LiveCasino.co.uk, Roulette.co.uk and LiveRoulette.co.uk brands. So that was excellent and more importantly, productive! I also saw a lot of old colleagues from several different agencies. It’s amazing how small the digital marketing world is; yet somehow still as saturated as my porn collection? Too far? I’m in a strange mood. But that’s not what I’m here to write about…

So I took down a whole load of notes from the guest speakers, a few of which stood out tremendously with such a fire and confidence about them. That aside I took down valuable notes from each of the speakers and figured I’d just throw you guys just a small selection of the points I found most useful and inspiring. Some of it is so basic you’d think… obviously? but often forgotten about, or just an incredibly inspiring sentence. It’s all pretty random, make of it what you will – for me they are ideas, tips and reminders. In no particular order… Enjoy!

Content Marketing Show Notes

  • As I blank, I want to blank, in order to blank
  • Market Research on our demographics, ensure we know everything there is to know about our audience and target market
  • Marketing is the art of behavioural change, look into what drives behavioural change?
  • Use analytics, insights and long tail traffic to ensure you’re covering every possible piece of content. Is something missing? Could a page be more detailed?
  • Brainstorm more, use the whole team, more brains are better than less brains
  • What do we have to work with? What assets do we have? What tools? What everything?
  • What do our own employees and friends think is exciting about what we do?
  • Employees are part of your brand, make them public faces of the brand
  • What works for our competitors? Have we tried it, can we do it better?
  • Research and nurture the people we need to leverage, follow sites, Twitters, Facebooks, comment, tweet etc. E.G Find a common ground. Encourage them with a gesture, coffee, present, etc…
  • Three Journalist factors – what do journalists like to write about, what can they write about, what do they have to write about?
  • Identify authorities in our space, meet and recruit these people. Who is highly regarded? Can we work together?
  • What’s the content for? Is it to entertain, teach, personal, neutral, factual, funny, persuasive, dos and don’ts wants, answering/asking questions, formatting, keywords. A lot to consider within even the simplest content
  • Surprise users with great content in comfortable formats. Ensure it’s easy to absorb
  • How can we prove to the user we’ll improve their lifestyle, not necessarily just go for the hard sale. E.G How Mercedes do not advertise the car, but advertise the type of life you lead with that car
  • Tell a story, and then encourage users to tell theirs
  • Surprise + Happiness = Shareable Content
  • Successful PR needs to be on topic, responsive as possible, leverage sex, controversial, celebrity
  • Simple is better, in all aspects of advertising and content
  • Clever, fun and creative, not to drive sales, to drive brand. It’s not always about getting the sale off the back of a campaign
  • Give and offer opinions within your niche, move quickly before your chance is taken by someone else
  • Be first, be big. Don’t be last, don’t be small
  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  • Traditional marketing matters to help aid online efforts

Let me know which, if any, of the notes above have got you thinking in the comments below.

Off to Zurich tomorrow. BOOM! Peace out.

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