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Acronyms Cloud

Right, what? Ha, yeah I know! Basically I decided over the years I’ve had to adapt to so many different words which have now been lodged in my brain. In marketing and especially SEO, plus from running a business, I’ve learnt so many different acronyms for all that jargon you may not understand as a noob. I thought, well a large portion of my readers are quite new to this ole’ game so I’ll help them out, and give them something to refer to if they need it. Yep, that’s you guys I’m talking about!

To the point, without further ado; a large list of all the acronyms I could think of…

Ad: Advertisement
APM: Affiliate Program Management
BL: Backlink
CJ: Commission Junction
CLP: City-Light-Poster
Comms: Communications
CPC: Cost Per Click
CPL: Cost Per Lead
CPM: Cost Per Million
CPA: Cost Per Acquisition
CPO: Cost Per Order
CPP: Cost Per Performance
CR: Conversion Rate
CTR: Click Through Rate/Ratio
DC: Data Centre
DMOZ: Directory Mozilla
DRM: Dynamic Rich Media
EPC: Earnings Per Click
FSS: Financial Services Sector
GRP: Gross Rating Point
HTML: HyperText Markup Language
H&LS: Health And Life Sciences
IBL: Inbound Link
ICT: Information & Communication Technology
KPI: Key Performance Indicator
MRG: Minimum Revenue Guarantee
OBL: Outbound Link
OPM: Outsourced Program Management
PFI: Pay for Inclusion
PID: Publisher ID
PPA: Pay Per Acquisition
PPC: Pay Per Click
PR: PageRank
PS: Paid Search
PV: Page View
ROI: Return on Investment
RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing
RSS: Really Simple Syndication
SB: Small Business
SE: Search Engine
SEM: Search Engine Marketing
SEO: Search Engine Optimisation
SEP: Search Engine Positioning
SERP: Search Engine Results Page
SMB: Small-Medium Business
SME: Small to Medium Enterprise
SMM: Social Media Marketing
SMO: Social Media Optimisation
SSI: Server Side Include
SWL: SiteWide Link
T4M: Tools For Marketing
TR: Trust Rank
URL: Uniform Resource Locator
USP: Unique Selling Point
UV: Unique Visitor
VLE: Very Large Enterprise
VSB: Very Small Business

I will add to this list as and when I learn more and more.

Got any questions, ask below. I love to help.

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