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*this is actually being posted two weeks late, sorry*

So my first month is up and I’m leaving the State of Minnesota. Already, I’ve had a roller-coaster ride. Starting in Atlanta, Georgia with two of my buddies having an absolute blast… then making my way up to Minnesota to settle in and try to work and play at the same time.

Hmmmm… where to start… let’s go with how I’m feeling…

How I’m Feeling So Far

Much like in my earlier post, I’m still feeling rather ambivalent. Really excited, a little nervous, really upbeat, kind of anxious, and I definitely still have the butterflies.

When I’m really excited…
It’s usually when I’m arriving at a new destination. I’ve jumped in the car, pointed at somewhere on the map – well, Google Maps, sorry old technology – and am on the way. That feeling of not knowing where I will stay, who I will meet or even what I’m going to do when I get there; it’s awesome.

When I’m a little nervous…
I’ve arrived at a new destination. I’ve done some exploring, I’ve checked out some bits and pieces and now I’m chilling out at a bar or something. It’s now when I’m thinking to myself, oh crap, where am I staying tonight? I’ve got a few hours to meet someone friendly or it’ll be an uncomfortable night… I’m happy to say, I’ve only had to sleep in the car once so far!

When I’m really upbeat…
I’ve now met some nice people or in some cases, just that one person who’s opened their mind and we’re deep in conversation. I’m learning new things, teaching old things and have a constant smile on my face as I open up to a total stranger. It’s a surprisingly amazing feeling to hear other people’s stories and in a lot of cases, they want to know about my crazy journey.

When I’m kind of anxious and have the butterflies…
All the time. I’m not sure why that is exactly but I do tend to feel a little uneasy rather often. Maybe I’m just not used to this lifestyle yet? Maybe it’s a good thing, it’s a thrill. And I don’t exactly want my butterflies to go away, they help add to the adrenaline… what would be the point in this journey if I was comfortable with everything I’m doing and trying!?

Anyway, that’s how I’m feeling.

A Few Awesome Things

So, these are a few pictures of awesome things that happened in Minnesota, enjoy!

Me and My Beautiful Mustang

The Beautiful Mustang

This is the Mustang. I love it!

Best Pork Chop Ever

Best Pork Chop Ever

I stayed with a guy from CouchSurfing.org, they grilled me the best pork chop I’ve ever had, I’m not usually a fan.

Me and London

Me and London

This little guy :) hes my friends little boy, I was able to babysit and spend a lot of time with him. So cute, and learned to say my name seconds before I left – I was so happy!

Beautiful Lake Sunset

Beautiful Lake Sunset

No particular lake, no particular reason, just a beautiful view.

My Burlesque Buddies

My Burlesque Buddies

I decided to check out a town called Duluth, I stayed with a cool Couch Surfer but ended up meeting these two at a bar. They were instantly welcoming, awesome and for some reason love me. They invited me to stay with them and I ended up staying nearly a week. And, they bought me a cowboy shirt, I love these girls!

Satay Chicken

Satay Chicken

The Satay Chicken and Vegetables I cooked for my two friends above.

Working On The Go

This is definitely a strange one so far, but not bad at all. I’m able to keep up with my work, doing more or less the same amount I was before – maybe the slightest bit less if I’m honest? Haha.

However, at the same time I’m doing WAY less hours. And I think this is due to less time wasting. Not to say I waste time back at the office in London. However without distractions, without conversation, without anything really it means I’m able to simply sit down and get through everything promptly so I can get out and explore the place I’m in. It may even be that my personal mentality has changed, I’m now thinking get this work done, focus more, because afterwards there’s a whole new town to explore!

I do think that staying with a friend on and off has helped the start of the trip though. It’ll be interesting to see how efficient I’ll be once on the road and have to drive much more. I’m almost certain I’ll struggle to keep up, but we will see.

More updates to come.

Ohhhhh’ yah, for surrre, you-betcha, Minnesota!

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