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So my team and I were lucky enough to be invited out to Tenerife to meet someone we’d class a “top dog” within the Live Gaming industry. So we planned this out the best we could, we thought why spend money on tickets and not go and have a great holiday too?

So we organised to arrive, have our meeting, then spend an extra 4 days chilling in the sun and partying on down at night – and oh we did that alright, we did indeed! This was booked late June and on the 12th July we jetted off to Tenerife to meet our new client; though, it was more of an informal meeting anyway.

My favourite drink of the holiday – Black Magic cocktail.

Black Magic Cocktail

Onto the holiday

It was simply, amazing. Not only was it a monumental moment for Right Casino Media as a whole being our first company holiday, but it was a bonding session of which we all needed. After all, though close friends, we’d be in our office day and night working painstakingly hard for the last 4 months – 6 website launches later, we do feel we deserved it.

I would go through this day-to-day, but once the booze started to flow the days just merged together anyway. It was pretty much a case of:

– 11am: Full English breakfast
– 12pm: Chilling in and out of the pool/beach
– 6pm: Nap time
– 8pm: Wake up, freshen up!
– 10pm: We’ve now eaten and begun drinking…
6am: What the Hell Happened Last Night!?
– 11am: Full English breakfast…and so on…

Though, the whole holiday was a fuzzy but highly memorable mess, I’ll quickly relay one story to you guys – the rest is a bit too extreme and may compromise the reliability of our company’s name.

The beer fight

On this night, two of our friends had turned up at our hotel unexpectedly to surprise us with a few beers. As you can imagine, this was only going to add to the craziness to come! Anyway, later than night after many cocktails, a foam party, and lots of laughing gas – we were in between clubs stumbling around like drunk fools with about 3 bottles of beer each…

So for some reason, Luke and I were having an argument about something stupidly trivial, not that I know what it was now. So I thought it a good idea to shout “chill the f*** out Luke” and splash my bottle of beer all over him. Next thing, all hell broke loose! Both Dave and Luke shouted at me and attacked me with their beers to which I fell to the floor because Dave had caught me with my eyes open…whilst I can barely see, Sam, our other team member runs over out of nowhere and starts attacking Dave and Luke with his beers. By this time, I was back to my feet and it was a four-way battle royal to drench each other leaving not a drip of beer in the bottles!

So, we were all soaked through and through with beer (in fact, I remember drinking from my friend’s t shirt at one point). Best part is, the next club let us right in…free entry!

Final thoughts

I think this picture of me, a drunken mess enjoying a toasted chicken baguette more than life itself sums it all up for me.

Michael & His Chicken Baguette

I’m slowly starting to live the life I’ve always wanted; running a fun business, flying overseas for exclusive meetings and enjoying the sun. Needless to say, we’ll be visiting our new client again very soon ;)

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