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On 18th April I began road trippin’ through Western Australia with a Canadian, two Finnish and three German travellers, now friends – Will, JP, Pepi, Benjamin, Andreas and Anna respectively.

As I write this it’s only been a few days since we began. It’s already been a blast. It’s not easy to find a group of people you get along with well enough to be around 24/7 for weeks or potentially months even, let alone seven of them.

The assumed route is as such…

Perth > Exmouth > Broome > Darwin

Naturally, we’re hitting smaller towns which most people have never heard of in between. Most of them an untouched paradise only spoiled by the sickening amount of bush flies constantly swarming around your face. You know how at service stations across the world they advertise petrol, bulk deals for water or whatever else it may be you need. Well most places just sell fly nets to where around your face. I’m confident I’ve swallowed at least three.

Here are some pictures to enjoy…

Introducing… Ronald Keswick

Anyway, this is about Ronald Keswick. A small, British-Dutch Indian born old man living in Australia for the past 65 years. Considering he’s been here that long and first lived in India, and then England for many years I can only assume ole’ Ron has been around circa 80 years.

At this point, this is about all the information I have on Ron and his history. Yet, I felt the need to write this post because of his actions. Actions that have a knock-on affect through humanity.

So we’d bought some sausages and were looking to cook up a mini BBQ on the beach. That’s right, BBQing on the beach on a standard Tuesday. We’d been there less than ten minutes when a young French lady approached and told us about somewhere we could stay for free. Naturally, half the group were sceptical as they listened on. Not me though, somewhere free? Just sounded like a random act of kindness, something I’ve grown to assume over the past few years – I always assume the best, why live in fear?

She went on to explain that a little old man had offered her and her group a place to stay for free.

We rocked up at 27 Waikiri Parade, Kalbarri with no idea what to expect. Are we staying inside? Does this guy just have lots of land or? Who knows. So we go in and he says we can just “park round the side there” and talk to him in a minute.

Still, we didn’t really know much about what was going on. He showed us around the back into the garden and explained that we could use the light under the patio, the chairs and that there was a plug to charge our electronics. Nice. Naturally, with no real introduction or information I immediately asked his name and why he was being so nice.

This is not because I was surprised. This is because I like to understand. One side of me believes niceties shouldn’t be questioned, the other side wants to understand the why’s, when’s and how’s of everything.

He said… “My name is Ron. Why? Because you are students to me, of the world. You are traveling this beautiful country and you need help. I want to help so you can grow and be good people, it doesn’t cost me . You only have to make sure you pass on the good deed. I don’t want money or gifts or anything, just enjoy your stay and keep down the noise because the neighbour is a policeman.”

He finished with… “Here’s a book, you can read on the front and then sign please. And remember to keep it down please.”

I later went in to use the toilet only find him cracking up at Big Bang Theory, which I’m now generally laughing out loud about hahahaha. So I got this picture and quickly got out of his personal space.

What a beautiful thing. What a wonderful situation. What a genuine, overwhelmingly powerful gesture to not only let us stay and use his facilities, but to have gone over to travellers on the street before us and offer it to them. He actively seeks to help. This is the signed book, and is only the second page, you can only imagine how many books and pages there must have been over the years – followed by some action shots of the place.

This a guy who has it figured out. A man with strong, confident morals. And to be honest, I don’t even know what else to say. I’m stuck for words, sitting here in his garden.

My hat comes off to you Ron, if everyone took a leaf of out your book… the world would be a better place, thanks for the hospitality buddy.

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