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What’s with all this bullshit pressure that surrounds the digital industry to choose a niche and stick to it? I think sometimes people, including myself, are so caught up in trying to achieve they forget why they’re trying to achieve.

One message that’s been pouring out of digital gurus for a long time is to choose a niche and stick with it, specialise in it, be it, do it, live it. As much as I agree, it’s become a bit of a “thing” and is actually creating a barrier for many new-to-the-game first timers. This is a terribly high wall to climb.

Why is this creating a barrier? Put simply, it’s being drilled into so many people’s minds that if they do not choose something and stick with it – they will not succeed. Not true. Then, struggling to choose a niche that isn’t saturated they give up before they’ve even begun! One might say these are the people that were never going to succeed – but at what point did we lose sight of the importance of trying?

Why is this causing pressure? People like me who run blogs, or as above, feel pressured into deciding what they want to blog about. Even now, after half-arsedly running my blog for a couple of years I still don’t really know what it’s about! This frustrated me for a while. Why do you think I don’t blog more regular? I’m always procrastinating about the fucking topic.

So what do you do about it? Stop caring.

Boom. Simple. Just stop caring… if you’re someone who has something valuable to say, your blog will be successful whether it’s niche specific or not.

Sometimes I just want to write – I want to vent, I want to put my opinion out there, I want to say what’s relevant to me, I want to blog, you know?

Digging a little deeper…

“people, including myself, are so caught up in trying to achieve they forget why they’re trying to achieve.”

This is especially important. Sometimes it’s just about taking a step back and asking yourself, what am I trying to achieve with this website/project/whatever? Do I want to provide a service? Am I looking to help people? Am I trying to make money? What do you class as success?

Sadly, much of the time the sole reason people get into anything is to make money. I’m guilty of this, self-admittance, win! If you’re sole reason for starting anything is to make money – you’ve failed. Let’s look at what I’m trying to achieve, but have only just realised it…

I want to change your life.

For too long I’ve been questioning what it is I do. Do I even do anything, haha? Do I have a specialty? Well…

Am I an SEO Specialist? Kind of, I was for a few years at least. I’m not really anymore; it’s just some of the knowledge I possess and practice at times.
Am I a Marketer? Well, sort of. I mean I understand the premise of marketing a product or brand that creates value to consumers, and I practice marketing processes near daily.
Am I a Leader? Hmmm, I guess so. I run a business, manage a team and ensure they are constantly moving forward, learning and progressing. I’m the go-to guy for them, and I lead the business to new places.
Am I a Counsellor? Strange one, ay! Well, yes that too on some levels. I’m regularly the person people go to with their problems, nags, itches and scrapes. And apparently I’m good at emitting positivity (laughable at times).

I could go on but I figure it makes more sense to stick to the posts title list. Am I even qualified to class myself as any of these? Definitely not!

The point is, in many respects I have my own personal self-inflicted identity crisis – based on the information I’m constantly consuming in the digital industry.

What I’ve now realised, am happy to confirm, and feel almost liberated about, is… I want to change your life. Is that a niche?

How Am I Going to Change Your Life?

I’m going to blog.

To date, I’ve been giving out random advice, updates on my business, personal and traveling life, and results on random projects, domains and successes. I’ve also thrown in, more recently, a bit more passion and personal perspective – something that’s caused a ripple in lives I’m ecstatic to say!

Essentially, I want this blog to become somewhat of a journal, relating to all aspects of my life. Not necessarily targeting any one given subject.

In order for this to be a success, I need to lead and live by example, then document it. By documenting all my efforts, my projects, my travel, my learnings… my achievements. I will be inspiring others to make a change and improve their own lives, therefore making my blog a success.

There’s a shit-tonne of websites dedicated to showing you how, I’m just showing you what it is.

How Can You Change Your Life?

Follow my blog.

Re-digging a little deeper…

“One message that’s been pouring out of digital gurus for a long time is to choose a niche and stick with it, specialise in it, be it, do it, live it.”

Please, do not follow the sheep’s advice. Do what you want to do, write about what you want to tell people about, write about what excites you. What gets you up in the morning? What do you love more than anything else? What do you really, really want?

Write about that. I guarantee in time you’ll be noticed, and reasonably recognised for it.


I guess the point of this post was to ease the pressure off myself, hopefully a few of you guys reading, and announce that my blog is the go-to place for information, advice, projects, travel, domains, SEO, leadership, counselling, emotional stability, marketing, coping, being yourself, enjoying life, excitement and more, surrounding… me.

If I live it, you will know about it.

Do with my information what you will, but do me a favour and let me know about it! Tweet me, e-mail me, message me, I don’t care – just tell me.

To date, I’ve changed 3 lives for the better. When I found out about the first one…
…I classed myself a successful man.

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