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Straight to the point here: Fresh Fish = Fresh Ideas

On many, many nights on my laptop I’ll be searching through domain forums, affiliate forums and generally keep myself up to date and looking at domain names for sale – with the Google keywords tool open in another tab of course, need to spot that opportunity now don’t we.

Anyway, I spotted a domain relating to Mother’s Day, that magical day we celebrate our mother’s aka mothering sunday. To be honest, the domain was poor, however, I was intrigued (remembering old clients heavily targeting mothers day and similar in the past) so I did a little research. I was shocked to see that the Google keywords tool reported back to me with shockingly high amount of search volume for “mothers day” and to my further surprise “mothers day 2011”. I thought, ‘ok, let me check what this is like in the month of March…What!? That Much!?’.

Mothers Day Search Volume Stats

mothers day stats

I couldn’t believe it. That’s a lot of people searching for a public holiday, that’s 664,500, what are they after that’s the question?

I verified this wasn’t a one off and that I hadn’t missed some sort of 2011 stunt I wasn’t aware of using Google insights. Google Insights offers trends and data spanning back to 2004 over any date period you like, it’s ace!

google inisghts

It showed that every year “mothers day” searches were growing and so were “mothers day [year]” searches. On the image above the red line illustrates the most recent years search trend.

What did I do next?

Went and found that mothersday2012.co.uk was available for registration…and bought it!

What question should I have answered first…?

What are these people after when they search for “mothers day [year]”?
Well, after doing a bit of research and speaking to a few close friends who are also extremely savvy to this sort of thing – I figured, a very high percentage of the people are most likely just looking for the date of mothering sunday. I put them into 3 categories, 1) People who want to know the date, 2) People who want to know the date and thinking about buying gifts, 3) People who are looking to buy gifts for mothers day.

So the way I see it is, this was a very exciting find with the potential to make a lot of money based on the pure masses of traffic I should be able to gain. And it’s low risk as I have only paid Ā£7.09 for the domain and running it won’t cost more than a few pennies.

I hope this mini story / unobvious tutorial will help in some way with your possible new idea. Find a trend, spot a gap, you might just make some money from it!

P.S The site was launched in November. It’s Janaury 4th and it’s already making sales with the first sale made mid-December. Check out Mothers Day 2012.

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